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Immigration Nation

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Kara Lynum, an immigration lawyer in St. Paul, provides listeners with a deep-dive into the history of immigration policy in the United States. Starting from the first immigration laws in the 1800s and culminating to present day, you’ll learn about what takes to gain lawful status, how our laws were written, and what happens to people in any stage of the immigration process.

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Season One Finale and a Look Ahead

It’s the final episode of our first season! Usually you want to go out on a high note, but the work ahead and the specter of egregious immigration policies yet to come make that a difficult task. Fortunately, Kara Lynum is joined in-studio again by Ana Potratz-Acosta to answer some of your questions from the first season and give suggestions on how you can help steer our policies in a more humane direction. @immigrationpod @studioamericana @karalynum


Thanks for listening to Season One of Immigration Nation! Send any additional questions or ideas for upcoming seasons to

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Children at the Border

From mothers being separated from their children to minors representing themselves in court, the immigration policies of the United States pose a significant burden to kids. Michelle Rivero of Rivero Law Office joins Kara Lynum to discuss what children experience at the US border. 

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