What if you could reach your audience outside of their home and away from their computer? When they are really searching to be entertained, feel happy or be occupied. What if they could consume your content on their own schedule while commuting to work, while waiting at the DMV, during their dog’s evening walk?

It’s already possible thanks to podcasting.

For some businesses, hosting a podcast is the best way to deliver a consistent message that is on-brand and cements their place as a thought leader. For all businesses, podcast sponsorship is an ideal way to target preferred customers with precision accuracy. Your audience hears a personal recommendation about you, your service or your product. Because it’s coming directly from the host, listeners feel more connected with your brand.

As opposed to generic media advertising, podcast sponsorships feel more like a friend telling you about something they love – something they think you will love too. The host has already done the work of connecting with the audience. Now you just need to come on board.

A podcast sponsorship is like a testimonial. The host is acting as your advocate to their audience. By sponsoring a few episodes – or a whole season – repetition makes your brand inherently more memorable. On top of that, statistics show podcast listeners have a deep loyalty to their sponsors.

Podcasting is the modern radio. It’s on-demand and segmented. It’s diverse and easily accessible. It can be paused, rewound, replayed and referenced, easily.

Whether you want to join the ranks of podcast host or simply reach a targeted audience, it’s time you embrace this exciting media. If you’d like to advertise on a podcast, contact us today to learn how.

Podcast Packages

Pick the one that fits you. If you’re unsure, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer questions and help identify the best package for you.

It’s About Quality

The quality factor is exponentially more important for business and organizations communicating through podcasts.

It’s not just the sound quality (though that is very important), but the whole package you’re presenting. Your business image isn’t that of an amateur. Your podcast shouldn’t be either.

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